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The 7 good reasons

What describes you the best?


Why you should get the Yomo Sushi Maker!


You have been trying to make sushi but the result proved to be lamentable! Nothing stayed in place: the roll opened, the ingredients were overflowing from everywhere. In short, it was not a pleasant experience at all! You have abandoned the idea of making sushi by yourself!


You already know how to make sushi with a bamboo mat but would like to discover a new way to do them while retaining the pleasure of keeping the spirit of the Japanese tradition!


You say you would like to learn how to make sushi but you have not yet had the opportunity to sign up for a course or buy a book. You plan to do so in the future but you never find the time or, you simply forget ... you always push back for later. You end up going to sushi restaurants frustrated every time to pay a fortune for your sushi meal!


You are jealous of those who manage to make sushi at home. You declare yourself a loser in advance, and you dare not try, thinking that, anyway, it will be a disaster! You prefer to pay the price and swallow the bill telling yourself that this skill is for others, not for you!


You never thought you could make sushis by yourself, but given the opportunity to learn, in an easy and fun way, you would not hesitate to embark on the adventure!


You never thought of making sushi by yourself. You are just not interested! Anyway, you do not like cooking. You prefer to leave this activity to others saying that you have something else to offer! You'd rather pay the big price for a meal in a restaurant! But if you were guaranteed that you would get a lot of admiration from family members and friends through a simple method of making perfect sushi, you would be tempted by the experience!


You are an irreducible! No question that you start preparing food! It is not your cup of tea! You never thought of putting your hand to the dough ... But, on the other hand, you would not hesitate a moment to provide the person in charge of the kitchen what is necessary to facilitate her/him the making of the meals. You are generous in nature!

If you recognize yourself in one of these descriptions, click on the button below and order your YOMO SUSHI MAKER now!

Still not convinced?

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We are at a time when:

The consumption of sushi has exploded! This is shown in the number of sushi restaurants that consistently open in every area of the city and the expansion of sushi counters in grocery stores!

Sushi has become a great choice! More and more people are consuming sushi regularly!

People love to discover new dishes to do at home! The publication of books, magazines and television programs on the world's cuisines has increased tenfold in recent years!

People want to save money by cooking themselves at home!

What was missing was a device to make sushi easily and in a pleasant way!


We have created a machine that allows you to make PERFECT sushi in just 4 easy steps!

You will save up to 90% of the cost of a sushi meal at the restaurant!

You will have the pleasure of having made your sushi yourself as well as a sushi chef!

All members of your family or friends can make their own roll and share it with a friendly and creative meal!

It's time to order your Yomo sushi Maker!

... But if you want to see the board at work ...

To see how easy it is to make sushi with Yomo Sushi Maker

Now that you are convinced!

Characteristics of the Yomo Sushi Board:

  • Spreads the rice evenly to 5mm thick

  • Non-sticky mat with rice (Reversible)

  • Allows the making of all sorts of sushi with four positions of the ruler:

    • 1. Futomaki: big roll with rice outside. Uses a complete nori sheet (19cm x 21cm)

    • 2. Maki: large roll with nori outside. Uses a complete nori sheet (19cm x 21cm)

    • 3. Uramaki: small roll with rice outside. Uses half of a nori sheet (19cm x 10.5)

    • 4. Hosomaki: small roll with nori outside. Uses half of a nori sheet (19cm x 10.5)

  • Roller for easy spreading of rice on base module

  • Made of food grade plastic avoiding food contamination

  • The use of vinyl gloves is recommended for maximum hygiene and non-sticky manipulation of the rice

  • No contact with hands required 

  • Free sushi cutter allowing the exact cut of:

    • 10 pieces for large rolls, 1.9cm thick

    • 8 pieces for small rolls, 2.375cm thick

    • Cucumber, or other ingredients, 9.5cm long (½ seaweed)

  • Easy Cleaning

  • Storage box: 39.8cm x 25.6cm x 5.5cm. Weight: 1.3kg

  • Instructions with explanations for preparation of ingredients and basic recipes

  • Several demo videos on our website:

  • One-year warranty on all parts

  • After sales service available

  • Made in USA

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